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Rail division


Rail transport

  • National and international rail traffic.
  • Own fleet of specialised wagons.
  • Agreements with the main european rail operators.
  • Auxiliary logistics operations for rail transport.
  • Storage and distribution of goods.
  • Handling of all types of goods.
  • Specialisation in iron & steel and paper products.
  • Connection with the main ports (Maritime division)

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Operations on the frontier

  • Storage works with U.I.C. gauge and Iberian gauge.
  • Separation and storage of goods at both frontiers:
    • Atlantic: Irún - Hendaye
    • Mediterranean: Portbou - Perpignan
  • Continuity of rail traffic / road from frontier.
  • The only silo at the frontier for bulk transfer.

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Logistics in iron & steel companies

  • Management of storage for final product at iron & steel companies.
  • Management of external scrapyards.

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Management of container terminals

  • Handling of UTI´s in different container terminals in the ADIF.
  • Its own container terminal in Hendaye.

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Own Means

  • Covered grounds and storage, all supplied with rail access and loading bays (Intermodality).
  • Execution of rail manoeuvres with its own material.
  • Technical means for the treatment of goods (Bridge cranes, Gantry cranes, Dumpers, etc).
  • Handling of all types of goods, reaching 2 million tonnes per year.
  • Coordination and information to the client concerning the state and location of their goods.
  • Development of its own technology.

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